Benoit Perrot - Business Administration Officer
                           for Plasma Converting Partners
17 septembre 2015

I am Benoit PERROT, Administration and Communication Manager of PLASMA CONVERTING PARTNERS (PCP) a new start up, high technology company established since 2012 near Dijon, Burgundy France.

I met Mrs Kokoliou at the end of her Master Degree at the University of Dijon as a head of a working team of the Junior Enterprise of her master class. The aim was to create the first communication tools for our new-born company. From the first day I was impressed by her enthusiasm –she is a naturally positive person- and by the also natural leadership she exerted on the other members of her team. During this part of our cooperation I noticed her capabilities in listening carefully people, summarizing clearly in a few sentences long and contradictory discussions and finally creating and proposing new concepts accepted by the attendees to the meeetings.

It was then natural for PCP to propose her the Communication Strategy of the company since her first commercial campaign on January 2015. Our first requirement in this new mission was the design and development of our present web site. During this collaboration, I had the chance to work with Mrs Kokoliou. The first quality she showed from the beginning of the web site project is her capability to accommodate herself to any situation. Indeed, PCP has to deal with innovative and highly technical concepts like custom designed nano-chemistry on plastic film surfaces by short residence time, continuous atmospheric plasma exposure. From our first conversations, Mrs Kokoliou showed a real interest in our technology, our business objectives and related activities. Her natural curiosity allowed her to make a full and relevant diagnosis of our needs and expectations for our communication strategy purposes.
The graphic design as well as the text desciptions proposed by Mrs Kokoliou immeditately convinced us. They were perfectly fitting the message we wanted to deliver to the industrial community and to the market through our virtual window. Due to the technicality of our business sector, we had to ask for several text and picture modifications. During these exchanges, Mrs Kokoliou did prove her capability to listen carefully to our needs, to be understanding and enthusiastic. Moreover she was source of proposals to make sure the modifications would perfectly fit in the global web site spirit.

She is very réactive and efficient and we appreciated the fact that these modifications were taken into account immediately and right away they were integrated to our web site.

We believe that only a person who has passion for her job could transcribe so well the passion that moves everyday Plasma Converting Partners team. We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with Mrs Kokoliou, as this constructive professional relationship led to the fast and successful outcome of our project. All the positive feedbacks we receive from our clients, providers and partners and the admiring glance they have on the final result, regularly remind us that we were right to trust Mrs Kokoliou for the implementation of our web site.

Dr Brigitte Hanly - Stemaid Institute 
24 octobre 2017

Ifigenia is at the same time very creative and a good listener, qualities that made our collaboration a real pleasure. We especially appreciated her humility when she conveyed her wish to have our full feedback without restraint. She took every comment we made and built on them bringing in a very short time a better site than we ever dreamed off. She is dedicated, sharp, works fast in an enjoyable atmosphere. I command her professionalism and highly recommend her as a team member.

Joelle Montech - Directeur du Théâtre Dionysos et Apollon
17 novembre 2016

Depuis l'ouverture du Théâtre Dionysos et Apollon, dans toutes les démarches administratives, mais aussi pour la création et la gestion du site internet, la préparation des affiches et l'organisation de multiples événements culturels et artistiques, j'ai toujours pu compter sur le très grand talent, le professionnalisme, la sensibilité et l'écoute de Mme Iphigénie Kokoliou que je recommande vivement tant pour ses qualités humaines que professionnelles, pour sa chaleur, pour sa foi et son génie.

Hubert Sauner - Conseiller financier BALTAZ SAS
1 novembre 2016

Iphigenie fut d’abord ma partenaire professionnelle avant que de devenir mon amie. 

C’est donc avec une parfaite honnêteté que je peux vanter ses services autant que sa disponibilité. J’ai particulièrement apprécié chez elle son sens de l’écoute de mes besoins et désirs avant que d’oser quelques conseils fort judicieux. Elle a su se montrer réactive et pleine de ressources. 

Nul doute que notre partenariat va se poursuivre et s’enrichir, nul doute non plus qu’il en sera de même pour vous si vous lui accordez votre confiance… 

Mathieu Moriame
20 Fevrier 2017

C’est le 2ème site que je demande à réaliser par IMAK. Iphigénie m’a proposé des logos et graphismes très rapidement et qui étaient vraiment au plus proche de ce que j’avais imaginé. Elle est super réactive. Les modifications et adaptations demandées sont faites dans la journée. C’est vraiment top de travailler dans ces conditions. Je la recommande vivement.